License for the 100% of the Thermal Substitution Rate at Hasanoğlan Plant

It is our pleasure to announce that Turkish Republic Ministry of Environment and Urbanization has provided Hasanoğlan cement plant the license for the 100% of the thermal substitution rate.
On 11-15 November, we carried out the required trial in order to increase the energy valorization rate from 39,9% to 100%, which means that we will be able to replace the current traditional fuel, a non-renewable raw material (petcoke and coal), by waste. 

Cement industry has great contribution to solution of waste problem. The energy valorization allows to eliminate environmental liabilities, such as non-recyclable tires, end-of-life of textiles, plastics, cellulose containing materials and use them as fuel in our production process. This way, we will reduce the CO2 produced, while helping to save non-renewable resources. 

In Votorantim Cimentos, we are committed to help making the circular economy a reality. We prioritize the application of the hierarchy of waste management, so that we ensure the energy recovery when wastes cannot be avoided, reused or recycled.

We are proud that the Hasanoğlan cement plant is the first and only one allowed to have a 100% thermal substitution rate in Turkey and we would like to thank to all our team members who have contributed in the implementation of this project.