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We are a company made up of people who do, believe and build. Our Way of Being is ethical and respecful; our Way of Doing is together, with excellence; and Our Way of Thriving is with courage to transform.

Our Way of Being
What makes Votorantim Cimentos a great place to work?

With many internal and external partnerships, the Votorantim Cimentos employees are surrounded with many L&D opportunities, locally and globally.

Become a member of this big family and have relatives from all around the world! No matter how far you are, the Votorantim Cimentos employees work from different cultures and countries together.

We draw our strength from our people; with different ages, genders, religions, cultures, and abilities from all over the world.


Votorantim Cimentos' employees always have the chance to enhance their careers with rotation and promotion options. We have a dedicated culture that serves our employees' development.

We are aware of our responsibility to the world! And we don't hesitate to step up. As a promoter of the UN Development Program, Votorantim Cimentos plays a part in Corporate Social Responsibility projects while seeking a more sustainable future in every way possible.

Key Figures

We are the 7th largest company in the worldwide building materials industry.

We are present in 11 countries.

We work with +12.400 talents.

We have 55.7 million tons of installed cement capacity per year.

Equal Employer

Votorantim Cimentos is an organization committed to "Diversity & Inclusion" and so, regarding this mindset, we don't discriminate neither candidates nor employees because of their age, gender etc. We define diversity as having an open mind to respect different ideas, opinions and identities, making us, in fact, complete

Open Day Activity

Shh! Did you hear that we have a very secret recipe for the cement and concrete?
Please, keep it between us!
However, this is not Willy Wonka's golden ticket. We welcome you to our plants anytime you want! Just contact with us in case you want to organize a plant tour and see in real life what's been told in the books.

Open Day Activity
Internship Experience Program
Internship Experience Program

Hey, students!
What do you require? -Experience!
When do you need it? -Now!
We care about coming together with both vocational high-school and university students through the internship program. We welcome the students among us and let them be a part of our big family in their learning cycle for a specific time.
If you want to continue your learning path on the job, all you need to do is sharing your motivation with us and apply the internship ads!
And then? The journey begins...