Our VC Way

Our mission is to be a building material and sustainable solutions company that has the ambition to pursue sustainable growth and continuous competitiveness through solutions and initiatives that generate a positive impact for the company and for the society.

Our vision for the future is built around our concept of “flexible solidity”. It captures the idea that we are a mature company that operates with excellence, safety, ethics and integrity and, at the same time, remains flexible to modernize and adapt to the needs of society to positively impact people’s lives.

We are a company made up of people who do, believe and build to go further and further.

Our Way of Being

Ethical and Respectful:

  • Safety and Health – Come before results and guide our behavior inside and outside the company. Non-negotiable: must guide our behavior inside and outside the company.
  • Ethics and Diversity – Do what is right, respect and include people as they are, valuing and learning from differences.
  • Open Dialogue – Confronting ideas, not each other, creates space for individual and collective growth. Frankness and kindness strengthen our relationships and creates space for individual and collective growth.
Our Way of Being
Our Way of Working

Together, with Excellence:

  • Customer Focus – Being close to customers and knowing their real needs to guide our processes and decisions.
  • Simplicity and Trust – Cultivating trusting relationships and working with simplicity to create agile solutions.
  • Act with Ownership – Acting with responsibility and leadership regardless of roles and positions.
Our Way of Working
Our Way of Thriving

With the Courage to Transform:

  • Learn and Evolve – Having initiative to propose improvements and courage to innovate.
  • Lasting Results – Achieving excellent results every day, in line with our long­ term vision and entrepreneurial essence.
  • Sustainable Legacy – Each of us must contribute to the development of people, the environment and the communities where we operate.
Our Way of Thriving
Learn about Votorantim Cimentos Code of Conduct and our Ethics Line.